The Tullett Islanders Hockey Club
The Tullett Islanders Hockey Club

ISLANDERS 49th YEAR TOURNAMENT 2nd, 3rd and 4th June 2022

The Tullett Islanders invite you to participate in their 2022 THREE day Tournament, to be held at the single-site venue of the Royal Navy’s pitches at Burnaby Road, Portsmouth. 

The entry fee is £300.00 per team for both men and women.  Entry forms should be confirmed with the Tournament Organiser at the above address by 20th APRIL 2022 please.

The winners of the Men’s Cup and Ladies Cup will receive a voucher for 30% off of the following years Tournament entry fee.

Pools. Teams, which must be of single gender, will be organised into pools in each section, each pool comprising of up to 9 teams.

We are also intending to run Men’s and Ladies Vets Pools, separate from the main tournament, subject to demand, so please do let us know if you would like to enter.

Entertainment. We shall again be offering a 50% off voucher up to the value of a jug (so if a Jug is £30 you will only have to pay £15). You will be able to claim this reward after your last scheduled game on the Saturday in the sportsman’s bar ONLY. The committee and umpires will be around to socialise with you and get feedback and ideas for “your” tournament for following years. This voucher is subject to change or clarification at any time by Tullett Islanders.

Accommodation. If you need any advice about accommodation, please telephone the Portsmouth Tourist Office on 023 9282 6722.  Their web site address is –

We also have some links on our Web Site that may help you.

Insurance. ALL participants should ensure that they are properly insured against third party risks and properly registered to a recognised club.

Please return your entry forms by the 20th April 2022.

As President of the Tullett Islanders I look forward to meeting with you over the weekend.

Ady Green

Contact Details:

Tournament Organiser 

Jason Holcombe 

Press Officer

Liam Green


Want to become a member?

Email in or come see us at control during the tournament!


We can now confirm that our 2022 Tournament, scheduled for 2nd, 3rd and 4th June, is able to go ahead. Contact us if your club is interested!